Welcome to the Cocotine website, leader in the food service market for chilled and frozen egg products, also present on European markets* and in the Middle East and Asia.

Key figuresRecognised by professionals in the field, Cocotine products are perfectly suited to the varying needs of our clients: 

> Commercial and institutional catering
> Airline, ship and rail catering
> the snack industry
> Artisans (Bakeries, Pastry chefs ...)
> The food processing industry
(Catering, cooked meats and deli counter, Ready-meals).

More than 120 products for any meal time

Starters and hot meals, cold starters, salads, sandwiches, desserts… but also baking aids such as egg products and egg glaze sprays.  Thanks to the know-how of our R&D Department Cocotine also supply made-to-measure products as well as wrapping and packaging to meet the needs of each client.

An integrated industry

A major part of the eggs are supplied by producer groups from the CECAB and Coop de Broons cooperatives, using a sector based approach that also promotes traceability.

Alternative products

Cocotine, precursor in offering organic products with a range of processed eggs and egg products from organic farming, is also concerned by animal well-being and offer products from both free-range and barn-reared hens.

* (Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia etc)

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